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The Main aim of this training is to prepare Clinical Psychologists and Psychotherapists who can provide their services to hospital, clinics, schools, special educational schools and to government agencies. This training is specially planned, as there is no such training course leading to university degree in Gujarat. The training will provide theoretical background of the field of clinical psychology through lectures discussion, interactive sessions and seminars. Practical experience will be provided through workshop, field visits training placement during internship and research studies.

Super vision will be provided in a small group of trainees for their practical work and for the development of the qualities of a clinical psychologist in them ie. Personal growth.

« Duration: 2 years (4 semesters)
« Medium: English/Hindi and Gujarati
« Basic Qualification: M.A. (Psychology)
« Selection Procedure: Group Test, Group Discussion and Personal interview.


Sr. No.


Course Contents

1 Psychopathology
2 Clinical Psychology (including Neuro-Psychology & Human Development.
3 Psycho-diagnositcs (Theory)
4 Counselling & Psychotherapy (Practical)
5 Psycho-diagnostics (Practical)
6 Psychotherapy & Counselling
7 Viva Voice


8 Psycho-diagnostics-II
9 Counselling & Psychotherapy-II
10 Psycho-diagnostics (Practical-II)
11 Counselling & Psychotherapy (Practical-II)
12 Dissertation & Project work
13 Viva Voice
14 Internship

« List Of Successful Students From Our Institute:-

1 Naresh L Trivedi 71.20
2 Dharaben A Patel 70.60
1 Rita C Asher 73.52
2 Rajesh N Prajapati 73.52
1 Neetu s Rajput 77.76
2 Vandana Singh 76.72
1 Maitri D Raval 73.28
2 Sheba U Shukla 73.04
1 Ishita Dave 70.8
2 Hemali Vagela 69.04
1 Megha R Modi 73.12
2 Jinal R Yogi 70.40
1 Sajid Y Day 79.04
2 Ankita D Limabsiya 77.76
1 Hemal Gandhi 78.00
2 Nikita Prajapati 76.48
1 Urmil Tanwar 77.20
2 Sushrta sahu 76.40



The main aim of this certificate training is to prepare the person with graduation in any subject (preferably in Psychology, social work, home science) to work with parents/family in schools, clinics, hospitals and NGO working in the field of Mental health.

The course content includes:
Development of understanding of past and present educational and family system and problems arising from the changes caused by it. Human development, Psychological Problems of children and adolescents and counseling skills and practice of it. There is heavy emphasis on supervised practical work experience, which forms 66% of the total curriculum. Supervision in small groups, by expert professionals will be arranged by Institute.

« Duration: 1 year (2 semesters)
« Medium: English/Hindi/ English
« Basic qualification: Any Graduation (Preferably graduation in Psychology, Social work, Home science)
« Selection Procedure: Group Test, Group Discussion and Personal Interview.

Sr. No. Course Contents
1 Family and Educational system and Human development
2 Psychological and Educational problems of children
3 Counselling skills and process
4 Practical
5 Dissertation & Internship
6 Viva Voice

« List Of Successful Students From Our Institute:-

1 Karuna Patel 75.00
2 Reena Savaliya 74.00
1 Bhumika Patel 77.50
2 Nimisha Patel 74.00
1 Madhavi Bhatt 72.75
2 Riyaj Kaji 72.25



The main aim of this Certificate course is to prepare the person with graduation in any subject (preferably graduation in Psychology) to provide their services to school counseling program. They will be mainly expected to be ready to be ready to work in schools, clinics, colleges, and hospitals, child guidance centers, educational consultants etc…

The course content includes Developmental and Educational aspects of children and adolescents, world of work, career development, school problems, school counseling, practical work experience, which form 66% of the curriculum. Supervision in small groups, by expert professionals will be arranged.

« Duration : 1 year (2 semesters)
« Medium: English/hindi/gujarati
« Basic qualification: Any Graduation (Preferably graduation in Psychology and education)
« Selection procedure: Group test, Group discussion and personal interview.

Sr. No. Course contents
1 Developmental and educational aspects.  World of work and career development
2 School Problems: Diagnostic aspects and evaluation
3 School counseling and career counseling, Remedial teaching
4 Practical (Diagnostic and Counseling)
5 Dissertation and internship
6 Viva Voice

« List Of Successful Students From Our Institute:-

1 Minaxi Yadav 80.53
2 Daya Singala 79.82
1 Bhumika Sevak 74.75
2 Jignesh Vagela 66.25
1 Nilam P Dodiya 72.50
2 Akshita Gandhi 71.25
1 Rutvi R Patel 79.50
2 Hetal C Dhamsaniya 77.00
1 Rujuta S Vadher 78.85
2 Binita Patel 76.25
1 Kundan Lakhani 77.25
2 Pooja Patel 77.00
1 Ashika Jain 76.75
2 Meghana Gajjer 73.00


4. One year certificate course in Medical Laboratory Technology
Affiliated by Gujarat Council of Vocational Training (Gujarat Government)

Kanoria Seva Kendra has ventured into the field of medical education by starting a Kanoria Centre for Medical Education and running a course named Medical Technology Program under this division. This program is one of the finest in Gujarat based on US lines and credit system.

Who is a medical technologist?
A medical technologist is a practical arm of a Pathologist. Medical technologists are the crew that run the ship for a pathologist. In this case, the ship is the laboratory. Clinical pathology is a hundred year old specialty and has progressed from long assays on human blood to feather touch technology using one’s finger tip to assay the results for sugars, Bilirubin, etc… without spilling a single drop of blood. We in India have kept pace with these technologies as they evolve and we at Kanoria Hospital feel the need to standardize medical technology education in view of these rapid developments.
Our course is based on a credit system of evaluation for our students thus making their evaluations easier in Foreign Universities.

Our programme at a glance:

Course is affiliated to GCVT (Gujarat Government)
« Basic Qualification: 12th science or B.Sc.
« Oral interview at entry level: Yes
« Academic months : 9 months + 3 months of Internship in reputed Laboratories of Gujarat.

« Ms. Hetal Zala
« Mr. Mehul Prajapati
« Mr. Mitesh Prajapati

Guest Faculty:
« Dr. KESPI Pithawala (Professor) Gujarat College.
« Dinesh Prajapati (HOD) Green Cross Laboratory. Gandhinagar

Continuing Education:
Centre will arrange seminars, Visit to leading hospitals, Pathology laboratory and blood bank in Ahmedabad.
Examination Pattern: Regular tests through out the two semester. Final exam at the end of each major topic. Each topic is devided in theory, practical and viva with External examiners for Viva.

Students are taught manual and automated technology. They are taught ELISA technique and operate the colorimeter as well as the auto analysis in their clinical rotations.

GCVT and mark sheets, a prize for 1st rank and an award for the best student.

Course Curriculum:
1) Introduction to Medical Technology.
2) Methods of Blood collection (Theroy and practicals).
3) Different anticoagulants, their uses and reasons for use.
4) Laboratory glassware.
5) Quality control.
6) Instrumentation.

Events and Educational activities:
KCM has started in house unique programs. For the students to help them develop mental strength, general knowledge and course related visits as below. General knowledge is improvement and career development lecture are being organized periodically.

I) Psychology department:
a) Mental Hospital Ahmedabad
b) BPA (Blind people Association)
c) Mitra rehabilitation centre Vallabh Vidyanagar
d) N.S. Gandhi charitable trust Kapadvanj.
e) Madhurya Bhavan M.R.School Bapunagar.
f) Civil hospital Ahmedabad.
g) Gujarat science city.
h) Karai police academy.

a) Supratech laboratory.
b) X-ray house.
c) Prathama blood bank.
d) Appollo Hpspital.
e) Green cross.
f) Karai police academy.

Cultural Activities:
To instill the importance various religious festivals. They are observed in the centre by prayer.
a) Teachers’ day celebration
b) Mental Health Week
c) Navratri Festival
d) Dipawali Pooja
Apart from, we also celebrates all Jayanties like Vishwakarma Jayanti and Sarswati pooja etc… during academic year.
a) VIP guest lectures
b) Seminar and workshops
c) Guest lectures from HOD of all leading institute and colleges.

Generally all our students get remunerative placement even  before the university exam result come out. Further KCM help any students get placement at any time till the academic year end.
During the year 2014 and 2015 every single student passed out from academy is well placed in life.

Other facilities:
a) E-library
b) All the tools and tests are available in CMLT department.
c) Play ground and recreation centre.
d) Movie based training every month for students.

« List Of Successful Students From Our Institute:-

1 Joshi Kruti Kiritkumar 88.00
2 Patel Arohi Kiritbhai 87.00
1 Jadeja Hetal P 81.25
2 Patel Ankita A 79.50
1 Modi Miraliben P 82.00
2 Babariya Pooja N 80.50
1 Soni Meghaben R 83.50
2 Mishra Megha G 83.00
1 Khatvani Deepmala P 80.75
2 Priyadarsh Hetal A 76.75
1 Patel Rashmika G 77.75
2 Shah Rinakal R 76.25
1 Soni Mittal S 79.29
2 Patel Rajshree B 78.76
1 Vyas Palalk G 85.00
2 Thakkar Hemangini S 80.25
1 Patel Jaimini J 83.20
2 Patel Vidhi M 82.00
1 Rabari Jagruti K 81.20
2 Raval Rekha V 81.00
1 Nakarani Rinakal L 80.60
2 Patel Kavita M 80.00
1 Patel Megha P 82.60
2 Panchal Nishi 82.20